An exclusive insurance option your fleet can’t afford to pass up:

  • Do you want a free insurance quote in minutes?
  • Are you looking for a program that takes safe driving habits into account?
  • Are you tired of paying a large chunk of your insurance premium up front?
  • Would you prefer to pay for insurance on a monthly basis?
  • Do you operate a fleet with 1-20 trucks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Aon Affinity’s Motor Carrier Insurance Program is the insurance solution for you.

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The Small Fleet Advantage:

Aon Affinity’s Small Fleet Advantage is a new motor carrier insurance program now available for qualifying Alabama fleets! This program is offered exclusively to fleets with 1-20 trucks, and it’s only available through the CarrierHQ platform. Designed with you in mind, this motor carrier insurance program enables you to pay monthly installments through your factoring activity. Your premium is directly influenced by your driving habits: safe driving = lower premium. With no down payment required and competitive annual insurance premiums, CarrierHQ helps you take your business to the next level.

About Washington

Washington is one of the most important agricultural producers of the Pacific Northwest. Top industries in the state include agriculture, forestry, and commercial fishing. Washington is one of the leading suppliers of apples and freshwater salmon to the rest of the country, and the companies producing these goods rely on the trucking industry to transport their products throughout and beyond Washington to their final destinations.

What Is the Washington Trucking Association?

The Washington Trucking Association is a nonprofit member-driven trade association that exists to serve as the voice of Washington’s trucking industry. Member companies include for-hire commercial transportation companies, private carriers, independent owner-operators, and small businesses. The Washington Trucking Association also provides a voice to allied businesses including fueling stations, repair services, equipment suppliers, financial services, distributors, and much more.

Positive representation before local, state, and federal legislative bodies is crucial to the survival of the Washington trucking industry, which has faced numerous challenges over the years. Intrusive and illogical government regulations, tax increases, and various other legislative changes in recent years have made life difficult for Washington trucking industry employees and their families. The Washington Trucking Association strives to provide member companies and their employees with a wide range of valuable services and benefits beyond political representation.

Benefits of Washington Trucking Association Membership

The Washington Trucking Association routinely confronts state leadership in Olympia as well as the United States Congress, ensuring the trucking industry has a fair voice in discussions that will shape the future of the industry in Washington and every other state.

Members of the Washington Trucking Association not only enjoy full-time representation at all levels of government, but also access to many other valuable membership benefits including safety training, driver coaching programs, public relations and recruitment assistance, a scholarship program, and annual conventions that are prime networking opportunities for trucking industry leaders. The Washington Trucking Association continues to serve as an invaluable part of the Washington trucking industry, protecting and promoting the interests of member companies and their employees throughout the state of Washington.


Washington Motor Carrier Insurance

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