We offer Low Non-Recourse Rates (let us take the risk!) You get paid fast!

Please call (866) 621-4145, Option 3 to speak to our factoring team!

Affordable, Flexible, and Simple Factoring to Get Cash Fast

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    Low Non-Recourse Rates (let us take the risk!)
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    High Advance Rate
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    Get Paid Fast!
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    No Hidden Fees – No Long Term Commitment
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    No Liens Filed During Quick Application and Approval Process
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    FREE Credit Checks
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    Electronic Invoice Submission
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    Pair Factoring and Insurance to Create a No Money Down Option

Pair Trucking Insurance and CarrierHQ Factoring to create a no money down insurance option to free up more cash


Questions? Let us help.

Email the following information to credit@CarrierHQ.com: debtor name, physical address, and phone number or MC number.

To receive same-day wire or next-day ACH payments, all documents must be submitted by 12:00pm EST.

The policy will be ready to activate 3-7 business days after submission. Throughout this time, we are processing your factoring application and debtors (if applicable) and verifying your ELD device.

Send new invoices to invoices@CarrierHQ.com

Send new invoices to invoices@CarrierHQ.com with all pages of the rate confirmation, or an email from the shipper stating a rate confirmation is not needed. Additionally, include a signed BOL, the invoice with shippers’ “bill to” information, net terms and total due, and supporting documents (ex. lumper or accessorial receipts).

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